Letter to the Children!

Y’know, Troops, obviously the stories that I wrote are for the most intelligent, cultured, erudite readers of all.

I mean, if you're not someone with a high IQ, how could you ever get the full import and impact of the minor masterworks that I have so proudly penned?

Yet, there's one type of reader that I've been omitting, and it isn't fair!

I am, of course, referring to young children! Imagine children who haven't reached the mental peaks that would enable them to fully enjoy the majesty of the Marvel masterworks, which they're about to discover later on!

So for them, I have started "Stan Lee's Kids Universe," books for very young children-- books about dinosaurs and pussycats and little doggie wow wow's.

Naturally, they’re not for the average reader of the very, very erudite literary stories that I normally do, but they’re for beginning readers.

So any beginning readers you know of… any little children who are desperate for something that has to do with the world of Stan Lee… remember, at your bookshop are copies of books with the imprint "Stan Lee's Kids Universe," and I'm sure that your very young brothers and sisters -- or even strangers -- will be ever grateful to you for them.


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