This is Generalissimo Lee speaking!

You know, very often I’m asked how I feel about living in California considering that I grew up in New York and lived in New York till I was about 60 years old, when I came to LA! I love LA. But I love New York, too. Well, you must know that ‘cause every superhero story I wrote had to take place in New York… but there's something about LA. The warm weather… the trees… and mainly the fact that this is THE center of the motion picture world!

You have Marvel Studios… You have Disney, Warner Bros., Paramount, Sony, and of course, POW! Entertainment… I mean, it all takes place here and I've never had a better time!

So, I can’t say that I like California better than New York, but I think I like it just as much. Anyway, whether you're in New York or California: consider yourself luck to be there! Excelsior!
You've hit it exactly, I think. I heard once that to be happy, like what you do. Don't do what(ever) you like. You've figured out how to like what you do AND do what you like!

We're so fortunate you love what you do.
Thank you!
I'm re-watching all of the Marvel movies, and now I know to look for your cameos. The Thor one where you try to pull the hammer out of the hole is my favorite.

One thing I noticed is that the DVD versions of the movies don't seem to be exactly the same as the version I saw in cinemas. I remember clearly a panicked woman in "Avengers I" and thinking she did a great job being scared, but that scene was apparently cut from the DVD. The director's commentary said that your scene got cut too, so they had to add you back in during the TV coverage scene.


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As a California seedling transplanted from New York I had always heard people lament about the food out here. Any culinary longings?
Never been to the States, but if I ever get the chance, LA and NY are two places I would love to visit. :-)
NY vs CA
My husband was born in NY (Manhattan, in fact!), came here in his late teens, and never looked back - he loves the forests and parks, here!