Fan Contest!

Greetings Troops!

In visiting my LiveJournal you are no doubt one of my biggest fans, but are you my biggest fan of all? That is what we are here to find out.

Right here on my very own LiveJournal, I am hosting a worldwide search for my biggest fan! I want to hear from each and every one of you about why you think you are my biggest fan. Maybe you have read all my comics, maybe you have collected all of the Stan Lee figurines, or maybe you even have my signature tattooed on your body. Whatever it may be, I want to hear it.

The winner will get an all-expenses paid trip to Hollywood for you and one guest, round-trip airfare, two nights in a hotel, and the chance to meet me in-person and share our passions for comics and superheroes!

So how do you submit your own story of fandom? Simple!

1) First you will need your very own LiveJournal. Already have one? Great, you can skip right to part two. If you don’t have one it’s very easy to create. Just click on the “Create An Account” button at the top of the page, fill in the information requested, and you will be ready to start journaling in a matter of moments.

2) So you have your own LiveJournal, now what? This is where the fun begins! To start, you will need to write a journal post explaining why you are my biggest fan. It can be any length and say anything you want, that’s the beauty of LiveJournal!

3) Once you have finished your journal post, the final step you will need to do to enter the contest is copy the direct URL to that post and paste it into the comments section below. Click submit and you are all set!

4) Submissions are open now and will be closed on January 30, 2015, so make sure to get everything in before then!

5) A panel of judges, including myself, will review each submission and select a winner who’s passion, personality, fandom and more shine through most. The winner will be notified directly at the end of the contest through their LiveJournal account and announced publicly in early 2015.

Your Generalissimo is excited to hear from you and I can’t wait to get the chance to meet my biggest fan in the world!


***Having trouble submitting? Leave a comment in the section below and the LiveJournal team will be happy to help!***

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Stan it is such a pleasure to have you here.. by the time I am done telling you how big fan my husband and  I are of your comics and movies you will know we are the BIGGEST Fans..YOU ARE THE STAN THE GREAT..THE GOD LIKE MASTER OF YOUR WORLD OF WORDS..Let me tell you why my husband and I without  doubt the biggest fans ..because. you see..
.oh wait  my cats are screaming..Why???

Oh Mr. Stan the  cats King George  V, Princess Jasmine  and Queen Sheba became furious to show our love to you and they are yelling to talk to you ..say what???

Dear God....King George??  Mr Stan he  wants to to sell your autographg  to the highest bid on EBay..
believe me I am fighting.. oh Mr. Stan I am fighting..  but they are the beautiful Cats and I am,powerless...

the cats wants to tell you how bad their lives are with their dumb so call no good owner who do not respect them.
they want to know when a cat hero will come up and save them from being captured neuter..from taking away from mummy cat and force for adoption where they cannot be with their moms dads mate or have their own families..

Queen Sheba wants to know when humans will live cats alone and stop genocide and forced slavery.  She also wants to tell you that black cats are forced for adoption and when no-one wants to adopt them they are murdered just because they are black she miss her kittens and dream of being with them..shemiss being free.

Mr stan Jasmine  wants to tell you after taking away from mummy cat  she was locked in a cage at humane shulter where her mummy was just a few cages away, she could smell her mum but they will not let mummy and her get together..

George wantsto tell you he cannot walk because he was declawed..he suffers with arthritis and joint pain and his little paws still hurt and he cannot jump or run and pain which lasted for months was horrific..

the cats wants to know why humans have destryed their communities??  why they are not allow to mate  live natural lives and if human wants them as pet they understand but why do humans have to spay and neuter every cat???

perhaps u could bring another hero who can can help cats from these atrocities cruelty and suffering.??

forgive me I think the cats are crying..
good luck to the biggest fan.If my cats were not rulig my life I coud prove I am your biggest fan...but..good bye

How to submit
How do I submit my answer how do I send it the contest, it's my first time using live journal!
Re: How to submit
1) Make sure you are logged into your stephentimms LiveJournal, then visit this page to create the new entry in your journal where you describe why you're the biggest fan:

2) One you post that entry, you'd copy the address/link for that entry and post it here to Stan's journal in a comment (like you did this comment). The address for an individual entry will look similar to: (where the "1234" portion will be some other number).
Stan Lee "Biggest Fan" Contest
Mr. Lee,

I posted the URL to my LiveJournal post, as requested, and got a message that it would be marked as spam.

Am I missing a step? Would you rather have the text for the contest printed here instead?
Re: Stan Lee "Biggest Fan" Contest
Please try commenting again with your link, you should be able to do so now. :)
Dear Stan,

Ever since you told me that you expect “Great things” from me in Seattle at the 2010 Emerald City Comic Convention that’s helped me in overcoming many physical, cognitive and creative challenges.

Also, your 2008 online writing workshop was a tremendous help in realizing my goal of being a comic book writer, making stories and characters of positive value like yours. Thank you.



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